Whether you are purchasing or refinancing your home, Mike Meena has the knowledge to provide you with the loan that works best for your financial future. Mike can help you make the best decision to obtain the maximum benefits. That is why today’s top Realtors refer their customers to him for all of their financial needs. In his 20+ years, Mike has helped over 10,000 people finance their home or investment property. He works with all his clients at the beginning to make sure they are set up to make their dream become a reality! Then, he watches the file as it goes through the system & knows where each of his borrowers stand during each step of the loan process. Mike also understand the tax benefits to owning a home and he is not afraid to let a client know when it doesn’t make sense for them to buy or if he feels they are spending too much. Mike’s goal is to set people in a place where they can enjoy their home and eventually pay it off. Mike’s father was an engineer so he have a conservative background, but he also believes in investing and investing comes with a risk. Please feel free to call Mike with any questions about your situation. (661) 260-2970.
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