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8/8/23 – One Email Changed My Outlook

I understand that this year has presented its challenges, and I’ve shared in the collective sentiment of disappointment regarding the volume of business for both myself and my company. Others in the Real Estate community have likely encountered similar struggles, though many have admirably concealed their concerns.   Recently, I came across an email highlighting […]

8/1/23 – Gap of Employment

I just wanted to clarify a few misunderstood guidelines relevant to this market today. FHA loan guidelines state that previous history in the current position is optional. However, we must document two years of prior employment, schooling, or military service and explain any gaps. You can have a gap in employment for an FHA loan, but […]

7/27/23 – First Time Buyer Credits!

With the California Dream for all on the shelf until next year, I always get the question about first-time buyer loan programs! Fannie and Freddie have put an excellent program together for first-time buyers making under $126,240.00, and we can manipulate it by not using overtime, taking a spouse’s income off the loan, or not […]

7/25/23 Four Types of Private Money Loans

We have done several Private Loans or “Hard Money loans” lately for various reasons. There are many different versions of Private loans, and today I will touch on a few of them. Many of you have heard of our Bridge Loans, and we are currently at 7.99% on these loans, which blows away the competition. […]